St Mary's + Black Star... in words


Would love to show you pictures of Mary's, I went there for dinner before Law Revue but unfortunately the lighting was terrible for photos (candle lit). All I'm going to say is that their cheeseburger is amazing, their bun is so soft. I would say order the Mary's burger rather than the ordinary cheeseburger, it has vegetables in it so it'll lessen the saltiness of the burger. Fret not, the burger is still good only salty for those who are peculiarly susceptible to salt. As for how to find it, google it and then find the place with the red light and whilst it may look like a rather odd joint to run a bar/restaurant it does churn out food that is definitely the talk of the town.

Speaking of which, below is a bad shot of my lemon, myrtle chiffon cake and Shirley quiche from Black Star. I've been to Black Star a few times now and I can finally say that I've had their Shirley quiche!


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