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For one of my many post-exam meals, I had initially wanted to go have ribs at Hurricanes but making a booking one week advance for a group of 7 on a Saturday night is practically Mission Impossible. If you can't make a booking then under no circumstances should you go between 6-8:30 with such a large group. Since we had to abort the Hurricanes idea, we then had to think of a Plan B. Usually, I'd be quick to name an alternative but with such a big group on a Saturday night there aren't many decent places especially within the vicinity of Darling Harbour. I'm not really the biggest fan of the restaurants along Darling Harbour, quite often they give you average-to-decent food at outrageous prices and since a lot of them don't really fall under my definition of fine dining, I cannot really justify spending so much. Our bill at Cyren was no different, except that it featured a sneaky tactic from the waitstaff.

Garlic Bread $9

So since Cyren was all decked out neatly with an accompanying napkin, I assumed that it was a 'fine dining' restaurant along the harbour and when a waitstaff came to offer us garlic bread I thus thought that it was complementary. My friends, likewise assumed so as well only to realised that it actually increased our bill by $9. Now I don't mind paying for garlic provided that I know that I should expect it on the bill but when someone comes around to offer it then a reasonable person would expect it just to be a protocol to be offered bread. 

With that said, I am now judging this place with a new perspective. Also if another waitstaff comes around offering honey bread chances are you'll be paying for that so say NO and NO.
Their garlic bread was made using turkish bread which was then toasted with their garlic butter. I found it a bit too oily particular because the bread itself is pretty fatty and oily in itself. I guess getting 2 plates for $9 isn't that bad I just annoyed about the manner in which we found out about the price.

Pan Seared Scallops served in shell with garlic butter $19.50

My only seafood for the night, ironically in a restaurant, belonging to a group that prides itself on its seafood. No, I wasn't mad, it was a difference of opinions- after turning away from Hurricanes I was in the mood for ribs and ribs only- compounded by the fact that I was going to the Fish Market the next day, so I wanted to instead indulge in seafood there instead.

Originally I was going to have no seafood at all, but a friend ordered scallops so I couldn't help but try some since there really is nothing that will get in the way between me and good seafood. The scallops were so delicious, melt in your mouth, I am so fortunate to have never had a bad scallop experience. Of course good food is meant to be shared so I had to settle for just one bite (reason being is that the next day I feasted on more scallops).

Chargrilled Wagyu Beef Burger- tomato, lettuce, sliced beetroot & cheese, served with chips $16

Friend says yum. Yes that is it.

13 inch pizza
Gorgonzola Bianca- creme fraiche, white onion, panchetta, parmesan cheese $22  

So a friend and I shared this pizza and the ribs below, we though that just a full rack of ribs wouldn't quite cut it so pizza on top was in order. The pizza options featured your classics, such as margarita, hawaiian, as well as other less common flavours like chicken souvlaki and the one photographed above.

Unfortunately the Gorgonzola Bianca was a terrible choice, I've never had blue cheese before but smelt and tasted like what I think blue cheese will be like. When eating it, I couldn't really taste the panchetta, it was pretty much a heavy dose of parmesan and their version of creme fraiche. Correct me if I'm wrong but creme fraiche is like a sour cream correct, because I expected dollops of cream fraiche. I'm not sure how this was made but everyone take my advice and never order this!!!!

Full rack Pork ribs with chips $46

If you thought that 2 girls with a bit of help can't finish this then you are wrong. I was so stuffed after finishing this. The fried onions on the top were nice, I love fried onions so it definitely suited me. I'm not the biggest fries fan, had a few but it wasn't special enough to make me finish the whole thing. The ribs were lovely, very tender but if I were to compare it to Hurricanes then I cannot call these ones finger-licking-good. Yes it was nice, but there was something about the sauce that didn't make me love it the way that I love the ribs from Hurricanes.

Obligatory bib selfie to commemorate ribs for dinner

Note my blog is about to undergo a makeover, I know it hasn't been that long since I changed the layout but I felt that it was time for a change and to make everything more pleasant on the eye and hopefully more user-friendly. So if you pop by and it looks different then you'll know why. Also apologies if you're visiting when I'm doing the editing because things may not look quite right. 

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