A Darker Palette

I adore norm wear, as the name suggests it is just simple normal clothing and is currently a fashion trend following the success of stores like Uniqlo. The concept itself is far from rocket science, think normal everyday clothes that were once strictly reserved for a very casual day out, now think of them again but with some minor alterations. I do a couple of different norm wear looks, but this one is a bit jazzed up whilst still retaining that dark colour palette, everyday look. Throw in some detail with my quilted booties (unfortunately not all that clear in the photos), gold accents from that reliable watch and finally for the colder weather, a houndstooth coat- a print that has been receiving so much love from me as of late. Have you ever heard of the red lipstick face? It is basically where you wear minimal if not no makeup except for a red lip and it works wonders because it focuses all your attention on the lip, which is why I was able to prance around town completely barefaced above.

Coat: Vintage Byblos Houndstooth 
Sweater: BCBG Max Azria cowl neck
Pants: Ralph Lauren
Watch: Triwa Sort of Black and Gold
Bag: Vintage Gucci
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

Photos taken at Angel Place, Wynyard


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