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Nowadays I don't go to Surry Hills as much as I used to so when I am there, I make sure that I have a excellent feed. Le Monde has been on my to go list for quite some time... think beginning of the year yet for some reason I always went somewhere else. Unfortunately I opted not to get their famed french toast, (take note guys: it is on the breakfast menu which is only served till 12pm ) but that's okay because their lunch menu is equally as delicious. Their menu also hovers around the $10 mark so this cafe won't break the bank.

Chicken Linguine- Rustichella pasta, Cherry Tomato, Basil, Chilli, Garlic, Lemon and Grana Padona Parmesan $13

Generous serving of pasta, though you probably may find yourself having a 'Where's the chicken?' moment. The chicken was cut into fine pieces, I suppose that is what you get when you pay $13. 
I enjoyed the slight chilli kick in the pasta, its a light-mild so it doesn't overpower the meal. I love my greens and vegetables so it would have been better if they put in more tomatoes and basil in light of the minimal chicken. Also, if you are health conscious, stay away from this, the sauce is very oil based so unless you want to be shocked at the conclusion of the meal, don't order this. Despite all my qualms, I do want to say that this was a nice meal, it is just that in hindsight it would have been better if a few things here and there were improved.

Ice Coffee $6

When you're in Le Monde, it is a must to order their coffee. Being such hot day (when I went), the drink of choice was an ice coffee and yes it was wickedly good. End of story. That is all you need to know (:

Other snaps:

Yoghurt with Granola, Berries and Honey, small size $5

Eggs Benedict- Poached Eggs with Smoked Salmon and Hollandaise on an English Muffin $13

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  1. Replies
    1. I can personally guarantee that it tastes as good as it looks

  2. Yoghurt with granola is my thing! I'm glad they serve that. Plus the eggs benedict. I'll be happy with just those two :)

    ~Do drop by and say hello :)
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