The Devonshire Review

And so my long sabbatical from posting has come to an end. For those who have patiently waited for a new post to arrive, thank you! Holidays can really sap the energy out of you and I just needed an extra week from when I got back to just relax really and prepare myself for the upcoming year and god know what other commitments I've signed up for or want to at least. 

Devonshire Review

Thinking dining out is expensive? Well so do I. My places to eat for under $10 tag (link here) has yet to be updated for an awful while but if we’re talking great deals then we cannot overlook the Devonshire. It might be a lot more than what you’re used to paying for a meal but believe me when I say that they have hit the target for bang for your buck. They’ve run a Friday lunch deal for quite some time now and hopefully they will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The deal? $35 for 3 courses (you might want to read this again or pinch yourself because this is no joke).

With a seasonal menu, I believe that it changes each week so I guess it’s a bit of pot luck as to what to expect. 

Entree: Hot smoked Regal King Salmon, celeriac bavarois, pickled fennel, daikon and crisp buckwheat

Before this dish even arrived, its distinct aroma preceded it; thus is the nature of smoked food. To be honest, I have a see-saw relationship with smoked food, more so swaying towards the hate in the love-hate relationship. Thankfully, the smoke flavour was more so on the lighter side, it is there but not overwhelmingly so. And when combined with the celeriac bavarois and the pickled fennel and daikon (radish), it is easy to forget any misgivings I may have had against this cooking technique. The crisp buckwheat is also an interesting addition, eating gluten-free may not be so daunting a challenge when buckwheat is used like so. If the word crisp does not suggest a crunch then the sound will be ringing in your ears from the very first bite. 

Main: Slow roast pork belly, green chilli, apple & chinese cabbage slaw chopped crackle and coriander

OMG is there ever an excuse not to have pork belly because I cannot think of any good reason why pork belly is never appropriate. Expect ridiculously succulent, and tender piece of meat. No words are necessary at the table to describe this. Just simply savour the moment and those ‘mho’s and ‘ahhs’ come naturally. I don’t know about you but I like apple in savouries and for me it goes splendidly well with pork.  

Dessert: Bittersweet chocolate mousse, chocolate biscuit crumble and coconut milk sorbet 

Did you know that prior to this meal I had a coconut on the way. It appears as if coconuts and I have a high affinity with each other and especially when I was delighted to see coconut on the Friday $35 set menu. I first started with the coconut milk, one because I wanted to have it first because how can anyone say not to coconut and secondly, it was the first to melt. So so so good! There were two mousses one milk, the other dark chocolate. I personally preferred the dark chocolate mousse but milk is good too. 

Thought I'd throw in a picture of the complimentary bread as well, the butter on the left side is honey butter- so good!

All in all I cannot wait to bring the luncheon girls to this place. At what is just under $12 per dish, this is one moment where I’d glad ask for the Devonshire crew to just shut up take my money and feed me!


  1. You're so back, Shirley!! $35 for 3 courses looking this good is a steal! And if you mention pork belly, it's a done deal!!!

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx

  2. Hmmm honey butter is always a good change from the normally salty butter! Especially love French style honey and chill toast :) Bonjour from Paris! <3
    ~ Elfie



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