The Grounds of Alexandria Take 3

So it's been while since the last time I went to The Grounds of Alexandria (read about it here and here), part of the reason is because it is just so far away from everything (not really but let's run with this argument) and also because of the crowds. They weren't kidding about the 45min wait but if you hate waiting, then come in at like 3 pm when most of the lunch goers are leaving. Last I mentioned last time, there's lots of see here but after several visits, the wow factor kind of wears off on you.

Also for those wondering 'Where the hell is Shirley?', I have recently started an internship so adding my uni commitments and workload, unfortunately this blog is going to have to play second fiddle. I still aim to post at least once a week and if my schedule permits twice a week at best, but the best way to follow where I'm at is actually through instagram because there is a massive back log of posts for this blog and the job is so daunting that I will have to weasel my way through each one. 

L to R: Rose, iced tea and normal lemonade

I wish these tarts did cost like $7 each

Salt Meats Cheese- I love this place!

Couldn't help myself, I actually bought one to take home because how can anyone say no to dulce de leche (caramel) and peanut butter together. 

Oh wow, the inner coconut freak in me is so happy looking at this. I wish I had a fridge at home just for coconuts

Food + Drinks

Melon Crush- crushed ice with fresh watermelon, strawberry with a twist of lemon $10

Super refreshing and absolutely cute. I only wished the portion was bigger or that it was bigger- preferably both.

Deconstructed Iced Coffee- house blend coffee shot, cold brewed coffee ice, sugar syrup with milk $8

Now this is my must order takeaway from this post. If you love coffee then this seriously needs to be on your bill by the end of the meal. The sugar syrup is in the syringe (first picture), I guess The Grounds of Alexandria is hopping onto the syringe fad. Anyway the best thing about this is that you can control the intensity of the coffee but adding in the portion of milk that you want. The ice cubes pictured is actually frozen coffee so rather than diluting your drink as they melt, it actually maintains if not intensifies the intensity of the iced coffee. My only complain was that we received the drink with out a spoon or straw so be sure to chase the staff on that should that happen to you as well. And since I've mentioned the staff, prepare for slower service if you cannot decide on what to order when they come around for the first time. Same thing goes for paying for the bill, it took they forever to bring the card machine over- seriously can they just take my money already!

L: Deconstructed coffee aerial shot
R: Polenta Chips $5

The chips are a Grounds Family Favourite and they are a Shirley favourite as well. I wish we had some sauce/aioli to go with it but they are delicious with or without. I'm pretty sure that they're going to be my The Grounds staple from now on.

The 'Ground' Burger- ground beef brisket, cheese, lettuce, dill cornichon mayo on a toasted brioche bun served with crunchy battered chips $19

A classic item on the menu. If you want to play it safe, you know what to get. 

Beef Short Ribs- braised in sticky black vinegar caramel, crisp salad of daikon, carrot, cucumber, coriander, red pepper, chilli and charred lime $21

I wanted something substantial and substantial is what I got. It may not have been the lamb shank that I was craving but the beef short ribs were a pretty good substitute, on my cravings meter, for lamb shank. The beef was stringy, melt in your mouth excellent. I wasn't a big fan of the vinegar sauce, it probably would have been better without, because you get the tartness from the salad to help you finish your way through the beef. 

All in all, food is as enjoyable as always. I might do the late afternoon session next time just to avoid waiting altogether. But beware that service can be pretty slow at times. 

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  1. mmm that beef short rib looks massive!

    1. hehehe it was! I love the portions as The Grounds

  2. Love the fridge, first of all! Then those tarts are just fun to have - very festive and colourful!

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx

    1. I know right! The fridge was too amazing to resist taking a photo



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