Modern vs Vintage

Who says that clothes are exclusive to one era, I mean there is a reason why there are people who love vintage and wear it proud. I'm very fortunate to have a mother who still retains clothes from when she was younger and some of them are actually quite decent. So when she gave me free reign over wardrobe, boy was I excited.

Modern Look:

I suppose it can be 'modern' because everyone is wearing clothes with lots of lace and croshay so that's why it just blends into the crowd. But don't you love that collar especially with all that detail?

Vintage Naomi top paired with Tommy Hilfiger Cable Knit Sweater and Mossman shorts. 
For me, I wore this with my YSL bag and some ugg-like boots

Can't say that my hairstyle is old school but it's been a while since I took a luvo so I thought I might upload a photo. I think I need to continue to grow my hair out otherwise it won't be long enough come November. It's been growing so slowly ):
Meet my friends during Winter, unfortunately they're a bit shy so that's why you can't see their eyes. Don't mind them (: Anyhow for this look I paired the same top with a long vintage-like skirt which is from Sportsgirl.

As for shoes I opted for these tan vintage looking boots which boost my height (a little) and it stops my (long) skirt from touching the ground.


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