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Hello days of split bills or at least at Vapiano, read on further for an explanation.

This will be a quick post from me, I won't bore you guys by talking on about food groups and what not but pasta is definitely my guilty carbs pick. Think Vapiano for a quick meal, big groups and minimal fuss. 

Carbonara Salmone- smoked salmon with onion, fresh cream and Parmesan cheese with copped parsley $19.50 

I think I may have a terrible relationship with creamy pasta, at times I absolutely love it and other times I feel as though it is my mortal enemy. Unfortunately this experience fell into the later category, I hope that I am weirdo (it would be better that way) but sadly this was one bowl of pasta that I couldn't bear to finish. It may also be hard to tell that this was a salmon carbonara from the above photo (I wouldn't blame you for thinking that), serving wise there wasn't much. I did manage to steal some of my friend's bolognese based pasta, someone remind me to order that next time I go because that tasted really good.

With pasta, next comes pizza. I wonder what came first pasta or pizza or maybe it is something like the chicken and the egg (:

Bruschetta- tomatoes marinated in garlic and extra virgin olive oil with rocket, parmesan on homemade tomato sauce and mozzarella $17.90

We all should be aware of how awesome bruschetta is as a starter now imagine that as a pizza, the more the merrier and pizza is one of the best ways to feed a big group without ordering too many mains.

Prosciutto E Funghi- smoked ham and fresh mushrooms on homemade tomato sauce and mozzarella $17.90

This was actually the pizza that I picked, would have liked some greens but I won't complain because I love mushrooms.

Barbecue Pollo- Chicken breast, red onions, smoked cheese on a homemade tomato and barbecue sauce and mozzarella $19.50 

I guess this was one moment where the camera didn't eat first, or more precisely my hungry friends don't care for photos. I actually preferred this one to the previous pizza, maybe it is because I am a sucker for barbecue sauce and onions. 

One of the big quirks about Vapiano is their ordering and payment system. So basically every diner gets a Vapiano card which works much in the same way as a credit card. Everything you order gets billed to your card and when you finish your meal, just walk up to the counter and present your card and then pay like you normally would. So no more split bill dramas. Also if you're ordering pasta, they pretty much make it on the spot with your choice of pasta and option sourdough bread.

That's it for me, Over and out~

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  1. What an interesting place! I love the idea of the card, too easy!
    Gourmet Getaways

    1. Yeah it works really well when you have a big crowd. Definitely suits Vapiano since they have 2 levels and lots of space for large groups



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