Travel Diary- Zhou Zheng (Ancient Chinese Water Town)

Not going to lie when I say that it has been a while...AGAIN. In the meantime hope you enjoy some more photos that I managed to edit from my last trip to China. There is a massive backlog of photos and just stuff to attend to so I have no idea how I'm going to get through it all but in the meantime I'm just taking it one task at a time.

So Zhou Zheng is name of an Ancient Chinese Water Town, though much of it has been restored or rebuilt so that it resembles its former glory- think Ming Dynasty. In saying that, there are still some original buildings or parts remaining. As a tourist I think this place is one of those destinations that look amazing in photos but may be a bit lacklustre in person. The reason I say this is because the entire town itself is tiny, you could probably do an entire lap in 30min if you're not sightseeing. And as with any tourist hotspot, the place is cluttered with shops selling overpriced tourist trinkets- the usual.

Anyway, over and out. I promise that the next time you hear from me will be soon-very soon.


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