Bondi Pizza Parramatta Review

Remember that post I wrote up a while ago about the $20 gift voucher you get by joining Bondi Pizza's VIP list. I'm not sure how the link was perhaps flawed but I received my gift voucher whereas some of my friends did not. My snapshot of Bondi Pizza would be decent food with an over the top price tag.

Arancini Balls- Fried risotto balls with Fontina, tomato, herbs & fetta served with garlic aioli $9.95

Ever since I tried arancini balls at high tea at Hyde Park Barracks I've been craving them ever since. For anyone who hasn't tried them well you simply must , would've thought that fried risotto in a ball would taste so good. For those that really love this stuff there's a grocer/deli in. Surry Hills called Crown St Grocer and they have gigantic arancini balls for around $8 and considering how the plate above was just under $10 it's well worth the trip there, I'll try it soon and get back to guys on how it tastes. The garlic aioli that came with it was absolutely delicious, we used every last bit of it even though the arancini ball was tasty on its own.

Grilled Chicken Tandoori Pizza 15inch- marinated tandoori chicken, cucumber, diced tomato, finished with mango chutney & cucumber yoghurt dressing $25.95
Since it's called 'Bondi Pizza' you cannot go without choosing one of their signature pizzas right. There's nothing much to complain about when it comes to pizza unless it's horridly made. Chicken was heavily marinated but that was nice, I would like for more vegetables though.
Shoe string fries served with tomato sauce $8.95
As my friend put it "tastes like McDonald's fries" which was quite true without all the oil nor salt which made the fries eatable.
Grilled Atlantic Salmon Salad- grilled Atlantic salmon, crispy capers, cos lettuce, rocket, baby roma tomato, avocado, cucumber, kalamata olives, fetta, beetroot & balsamic vinaigrette served with a side of creamy Caesar sauce $22.95

One thing that I enjoyed about Bondi Pizza was their sauces, they were so appropriate and really complemented the dish that they were served with. Like the garlic aioli, we loved the creamy caesar sauce.

Dessert after at The Chocolate Room which is a franchise alternative to the likes of Lindt Chocolate Cafe, Guylian, Max Brenner and San Churros. Personally, I only decided to give The Chocolate Room a go at the suggestion of my friend who told me to try their tiramisu ice-cream featured below ($6). First of all, I thought it was quite ingenious seeing the ice cream shaped in the form of a cake that was ultimately made me decide to eat here. For the taste itself, it appeared whilst grainy and as you can see from the picture below there were quite a bit of ice crystals on the top alarming to say the least that none of the staff picked up in that point. 

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