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If you've heard about how great Surry Hills is for food then surely Reuben Hills was mentioned in that same conversation... if not consult that friend or person again. If there's one thing that I remember Albion St for, is its hills, Chur Burgers and Reuben Hills (whoops that's 3 things). Portion wise, Reuben Hills doesn't seem like much but this cafe surely proves that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover because surprisingly enough you may actually find yourself quite full or at least I do. Also, the food is amazing if that's not enough reason for you to eat there. 

Lime & Coconut Shake $8.50
One of the most satisfying drinks on the menu has got to be their thick shakes, one simply for their size and two flavour- my gosh you actually find yourself chewing on the coconut. The texture to it is quite pleasant and thanks to the lime you don't lose yourself to the dairy-based ingredients.
Expected to plants in not so miscellaneous places, the first time I was here one was in the bathroom, second time it wasn't.
French Toast with caramelised banana, coffee custard and pecan praline $16
If you're new to my blog then let me tell you that I love my french toast served sweet, it makes no sense to me to see it served with a rash of bacon so when I saw this new addition to the menu my eyes lit up in joy and I knew I just had to have it- I simply cannot turn down an opportune moment to have french toast. Whilst the serving was quite small (I warned you all), that doesn't really matter for french toast as it usually quite buttery and eggy so if you get a large slice of bread you really can't finish it. My overall verdict is that whilst the french toast was nice, I have to say that I've had better ones, flavour combination was quite interesting, I loved the coffee custard in the jug and drizzled it generously over my toast but it wasn't as buttery as I would've liked. 
the NOT reuben wagyu salt brisket, pickled slaw, manchego & horseradish cream on rye $16
Though this may fit in the palm of your hand, the wagyu is so tender it makes it oh so worth it and when paired with the sides you'll wish there were seconds.

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