Gelato Messina Parramatta Opening


WARNING: This post contains a lot of photos, don't say that I didn't warn you in advance.

A few celfie/selfies for those who say that I don't show my face enough

Watch; Triwa 'Sort of Black and Gold'

My friends go with the tub because cones and cups are for the weak

Delivery anyone?

Special shout out to the Gelato Messina team who gifted me with a tub of their new flavour 'East meets West', it shall definitely help me with my the long nights of studying ahead.  

Gelato for dinner!

500ml tub- choice of 3 flavours for $10
L-R: Coffee, Passionfruit sorbet, and Pandan & Coconut sorbet
East meets West- labneh (Greek yoghurt) and pistachio gelato with fig and date jam

For my first tub, I stuck to a few of my Gelato Messina favourites, unfortunately I found out that my favourite flavour 'Dragonfruit and ginger' is only available at The Star.  Just about every time I buy Messina, which is quite a lot (you guys just don't see the photos), I always stick to their 500ml tub- one part is because I'm frugal and I have company so we can share and the second thing is that they have so many flavours, it really is hard to choose. My tip for those electing to buy a 500ml tub, choose at least one sorbet, you'll thank me for this because if you load up on all the creamy, rich flavours it'll get way too heavy so you need to break it up buy getting a refreshing sorbet to clean your mouth. 

I'm going to skip out on talking about my staple flavour choice because if I say that they are my go-to flavours, then that should give you a good idea of how amazing they are. What I will talk about is their new flavour- you could definitely taste the pistachio gelato, credit to Gelato Messina and the amazing flavours because a lot of the time I avoid ordering pistachio flavoured food because I can't taste it at all. I think the pistachio worked really well with the fig and date jam, with the richness of the pistachio versus the sweetness of the jam and to top it all off with have texture as well with those lovely fig seeds. 

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