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When you think of bakeries perhaps what comes to mind are those artisan ones that bake fresh baguettes, pastries, or your good old meat pie. Now consider Asian (and by Asian I mean Chinese) bakeries, you will probably think of the franchise Breadtop, and other bakeries that produce similar breads. If you frequent Strathfield, Eastwood and now Lidcombe, you'd now be more familiar with Korean bakeries, which for the record, are completely different. If want the 101 on Korean bakeries then watch this Eat Your Kimchi video, you guys may or may not fall in love in love with them. If you cannot be bothered to watch the video then basically Korean bakeries do odd flavour combinations and their breads are usually sweet. The Korean bakeries in Australia are no exception including this one.

How cute is this
So I found out that this bakery in particular had ridiculously cute bread and that sums up why I went. 

Can't wait to celebrate cake with cake
Korean cakes look amazing and yes they taste amazing as well. I'm a regular at Pishon in Eastwood (:

3 selfies with my fellow bread man, you guys can stop complaining about not seeing my face and start complaining about seeing my face too much. On a side note, how awesome is that plaid background in the first picture, it is actually a coat that I recently bought and I cannot wait to show it to you guys.


So this one was red bean flavoured, if you live off Asian bread like me then this one won't surprise you. I do find that in general Korean breads then to be a lot smaller than their Chinese counterparts. The layer of red bean was also quite small so I was a little annoyed at because $1.70 is quite dear but then again Korean bakeries also charge more.

Sorry man


I wish that there would be signage to let you know what ingredients were in each bun because when I initially bit into this I thought it was plain- I'm good with that- but after a few bites I realised that there was filling, odd filling. I have no idea what it is exactly, but it kinda tastes like a sour cream, it's sour at first but it leaves a sweet aftertaste. I wasn't quite fond of it, I hope that the description I just gave, gives you some understanding because it was just plain weird (in a bad way).  This can also be said about the next one, one should always remember that looks can be deceiving guys.

I was most excited about this one below because I've seen turtle/melon breads so many times on the net but I've never seen one in person, so I knew that I just had to buy this. 


So I was being a kid (so unlike what I usually am like) and decide to play Super Turtle by pretending that this turtle could fly~
(Don't judge)

So this is another sweet bread, there are actually sugar crystals on top of the pineapple bun like top with green custard inside. For one, I think that at first the green colour isn't disturbing but after a while I grew to dislike it particularly because I wasn't fond of the custard either, so I decided to eat the bread only and in doing so I made a bit of a mess so you can imagine how gross the green made it look. I'm not sure if I was conning myself but the custard kinda seemed melon flavoured. I felt that the first few bites were not bad but after all what you were eating was mostly custard with the bread part thinning out. 

Verdict: I enjoyed the first one the most, I guess it was the most typical, the flavour combinations of the other two didn't fare well with me. I also think that price wise, it was quite dear for what you got so I don't think I will be back.

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