Mini Pot Burwood Review

What better way to beat the Winter chills than by tucking into your own hot pot feast. Not one to shy away from my lazy tendencies I would love to be able to hot pot every week at home but there's the problem of buying all the groceries, making the stock and finally cleaning it all up. Mini Pot may not be the perfect solution but it's all-you-can-eat hot pot tag line remains embedded in my memory. Priced at $29.50, in my eyes given my small stomach that day, it is debatable whether it really is value for money (the most 'expensive' item that as part of the all you can eat is the frozen pipis). 

One thing that I really liked about Mini Pot was the fact that each diner gets to choose which soup they which to have- chicken soup is free of charge but others like tomato beef soup, lamb soup and trotter soup with peanut incur an extra surcharge of approx $3.50. At least with your own individual pot you're given the discretion of choosing which meats and vegetables you wish to eat rather than it being a collective decision.

Dipping sauces are a classic pairing for Chinese Hot Pots. It's practically not Hot Pot unless you get a dipping sauce. My favourite combination is Sesame with Peanut Butter, a bit of oyster sauce, coriander and garlic. It goes amazingly well with meat and just about everything. Otherwise if you have no idea what to combine (and don't try everything) there are some recommendations on the side.

Getting our share of the fish balls

Lamb and Beef

All in all, it's hard not to love Mini Pot with its no fuss all you can eat policy. I would recommend that you however make a booking because they don't have many tables. I went with a group of 6 but I think that that's around the most they can accommodate. 

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