Travel Diary- Hangzhou

So for my second post of the day I'm sending you guys postcards from Hangzhou. If you're into picture perfect postcards minus a blue sky then Hangzhou is a city you must go to-and allocated 1-2 days. The best thing about the West Lake is that it is a great day trip and most of it doesn't require an entry fee. The next two photos are taken from a manmade island known as Island of Little Oceans; an entry fee is charged (best to package it with a ferry boat service). 

Main attraction: 'Three Pools Mirroring the Moon'
A bit dark in this photo but they look like water beacons but for being made out of concrete

Went a bit crazy taking photos of maples

....and goldfish. I mean if a lake had like thousands of goldfish in it, you will probably succumb as well.

Monster fish bearing in mind that all the fish are big in their own right

Lingyin Temple

Climbed many, many stairs (almost like climbing the Great Wall all over again) to reach the top and we were rewarded with what I dub 'Mountain water'. On the left is me collecting some water from the 'dragon's head' and honestly it was the best tasting water I have ever had!


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