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Belle & Clive is an online shopping website that sells the big brands and they're all legit, the only catch is that they go through waves of products. That is, they sell a few brands at a time before they get new stock to sell. For the past week one of those brands has been Hermes and yes they have had the Birkin (i.e. my dream bag). Let's just say that that bag was sold out within hours of its release.
A screenshot

Story time! (not really)
I just thought it'd be interesting to tell you that I'm currently on the look out for a pair of wedges, but they aren't any wedges. I want the style that Joe Chen wore on Queen of SOP, the sad thing is that when I was looking for them via Google one of the first hits happened to be my blog and then I felt sad knowing that no one other me pays attention to what she's wearing. To add to my misery, when I was looking for a picture to show you guys the only decent image on Google Images was also from my blog.


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