Jason Wu!

This post is dedicated to all of my friends who have been struggling to find formal dresses. Although I don't think that the following dresses are your style but I thought that it might broaden your criteria since most of our grade is going for the sweetheart long ballgowns.

First of all Jason Wu is Taiwanese (it's close enough to be Chinese) and he shot to international stardom by making Michelle Obama's Inaugural  which was just stunning
My only concern regarding this style is that it isn't that aesthetically appealing when you take photos from the front because the dress is very heavy.

To consider:
Old school lace combined with  my favourite halter neck just like the one that featured on revenge, speaking of which look below btw it has been re-VAMPed (geddit Emily VanCamp)
Plus if you love revenge fashion then click here
LAYERS add depth and detail to an otherwise plain dress
Another spin off the layers look but try not to get one which is too similar as it'll clash with my dress

From other designers/websites:
Be different and if you have the goods then work it
As you can probably tell by now I have an unhealthy obsession with layers but they give you something to look at
Again with the layers? Yes but this time it's take the form of a train.
Try something Victorian inspired and if you have curves like me then embrace them with a dress that has gathering

For cheaper alternatives I found some ones from Shieke they're under $200:

Do you remember this style? It's it the grecian look aka my backup formal dress no.1 which is now dubbed the Chriselle dress.

Anyhow, I hope that helps, til next time!


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