Anne Hathaway is a total style icon!

So a few months ago Anne Hathaway got married, I won't comment any further seeing as I'm abstaining from celeb gossip (jokes I don't follow it). Basically she's incredibly close with Valentino so much so that he personally designed her couture wedding dress despite the fact that he retired in 2008 from his fashion house.

Below is a sketch of the dress and the only official photos are published on Vogue (dammit I should of bought that issue T.T)
Doesn't it look gorgeous, the ironic part is that photos taken by the paparazzi showed the couple to be walking along a dirt path- Way to ruin a handmade one of a kind dress.

Now I wish I really bought that issue of Vogue and I'm not sure about you but whilst I admire and appreciate the 1920s inspiration for the veil, I think it was too distracting with the large flower together with all that lace on the hair band.
I think that is a much more flattering picture

Gosh I want to see this in the cinemas, anyone willing to go on a Monday.
I just want to express my love for the Givenchy dress that Anne Hathaway wore to the screening.
Backless, off-the-shoulder, pearl studded couture gown <3333 big thumbs up


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