My weak spot for Fendi

Okay sorry if you've been waiting for my unboxing post for 'my' Prada Parabole Tote -might I say that it is divine and stunning gosh do I feel like such a diva when I strut my stuff around my house.....

Also thanks guys for loving my Chriselle Lim Wedding Post, I'm on 400+ post views and I'm so thankful to all my silent readers. Don't worry you can choose to be proactive, I don't mind but yeah I would like you to spread the word about my blog since it's still new and all.

Anyhow onto the subject of this post which shall begin with a little story of mine. Last Sunday when I was at David Jones with my mum looking at Prada bags (we bought the one mentioned above), I saw a customer with this drool-worthy (awesome shade) red  bag and it looked like calf-skin leather and if you know my leather goods family then you would know that I eat up calf-skin leather big time (aka I buy big). When we decided to focus our attention on other fashion house and their latest collections we entered the Fendi store there and OMG it was there on the shelf. I would've grabbed it and instantly tried it on if it weren't for the fact that it was a high shelf so it was out of reach (if you haven't seen me in person, I'm short).

Although you're welcome to your own opinion please do not voice any distasteful comments about this bag to me.
Whilst it may look a bit simple and plain, it looks amazing in person- trust me except you won't like the price tag. It cost more than the Prada that I got and was a limited edition. 

In blue and I'm loving the 360 degree viewing option on Saks wanna see

And although I cannot commit to this bag, I do find it adorable and quite quirky at the same time. It's called the Peekaboo Tote

Finally the last bag, it may not be by Fendi, actually it's Givenchy but I am shipping it but not entirely (I think I'll grow out of this one) seeing as it's seasonal


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