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I thought I'd make this a series where I single out a particular style or company that I believe to be a fashion offender or a copycat. It's a new year and I think it's best to have ethical practices so yeah I'm hoping to spread awareness about certain retailers that you should steer clear. Please support these posts because as consumers we shouldn't discredit those with true creativity and reward those who only know how to make $$$ by leaching off others.

Okay so far I've thought of three different posts for this series the first being knock offs of the new IT-bag aka the Cambridge Satchel Company's signature bag. The others to follow this will be copycats of Giuseppe Zanotti's shoes and also Forever 21's notoriety in it's malpractices and its string of lawsuits over its 28 year history.

Whilst this bag has been around for a while, it has only become popular because of fashion bloggers, for me I first heard of it when I was following Alexa Chung (sorry Sweet but she is famous for actually doing something like designing my coveted Alexa Mulberry bag).

So old school <3 but just not my style

This is how something becomes internationally known and revered 

Now time to name and shame:

Sweet actually prompted me to do this post when she pointed out this bag at an Australian retailer called Typo, they sell overpriced stationary as well as a few other goods which cater to the demands of the market except they failed to add their own interpretation of the design, after all it is just another blatant copycat.

It's also a far cry from the leather that is used in the actual satchels which oozes sophistication, let's just say that it's made from a material that I'm not fond of.

Other notable culprits include:

Steve Madden


Finally, to tug on your heart strings.....
Watch this video to find out about the founder of this company and then you'll see why it's a shame that others are benefitting off her hard work especially when her motivation is pure and genuine.


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