Fashion Copycats- Giuseppe Zanotti's Sculpted Wedge

First of all, please refer to this heel by its proper name which is titled 'Sculpted wedge' and not heel-less shoes or any other variations.

Now these shoes have been out for quite some time already but as always Australia is behind by a season. So before I start ranting again about the lowly 'designers' who just so happen to stock most shoe retailers, I will first let the shoe maker himself speak a few words and I encourage you to watch this first before reading any further.

When I first saw this I felt so inspired and in awe as to how humble this man was and how passionate he is especially to catering to his customers and then I felt sick knowing that there are heaps of people out there who are only in it to make money by producing 'inspired' goods. I just have to say that I am dying to visit Italy to buy myself two pairs of Giuseppe Zanotti heels, I guess I'll be following in the footsteps of Aimee Song (Song of Style) who has a wardrobe full of Giuseppe Zanotti heels (I think you can tell where she spends most of her money).

The Real Deal:


Tony Bianco

Steve Madden


Jeffery Campbell <-- This one is kind of like a mid-tier company similar to Forever 21 but in the shoe market

Chinese Laundry's shoe that is aptly titled 'Controversy'
Okay whilst most of you would not be so daring and opt for one of these heels but whilst the price tag may look a thousand times more alluring than the (roughly) $700-800 asking price of the genuine product, at least consider an alternative style which is not trademarked to someone who worked hard to create a new and different design.


  1. I actually use the tony bianco version as a dildo on my wife because of the shape



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