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First of all, big thanks to all of my readers to keeping this blog alive during my absence. Guys I am still alive, just exams tortured me but as sad as it may be, I think I may love food more than people (at times) so hence why this blog exists to begin with. Thank you for helping this blog to reach 10 000+ views, it has really taken me by surprise. Also, I plan on playing around with the design so it looks more fresher and cleaner and I am glad to announce that I will actually talk about fashion I'm dying to talk about some trends that I'm loving, not loving and of course recent hauls in bags, clothes and make up.

So during my exam period I had computer troubles and that led me to going to Darlinghurst to get my problem fixed. Whilst I was there I need a place to crash for lunch and to study for my law exam so I decided on Jekyll & Hyde after falling in love with their decor and who can resist a literature inspired name. Jekyll & Hyde doubles up as both a cafe by day and a bar/restaurant at night and my only regret was not being able to stay back to see how amazing it is at night and that I wouldn't be able to come back for quite some time because the location is a bit out of the way for me.

Latte with the best arrangement of sugar I've seen in a cafe. In a nutshell, lovely

Croque Monsieur served with rocket on the side with Coffee $10

I think I'm a big sucker for croque monsieur's and madams, I don't know why but they beat any old, plain sandwich any day. Why? Have you not tasted gruyere cheese, mind over matter people, if you don't think about the fat and calories then you're all good. You can probably tell that I was quite pleased with my meal, nothing beats the cheese and ham combo and big thumbs up for being $10 with coffee.

Also, if you find that the menu isn't so substantial then that's because they're amidst a transition period in the menu but their service is amazing (take my word for it), the guys there are so helpful and kind and they'd be glad to follow up on any requests. Sorry guys for taking up a seat for like 4 hours.
Earl Grey $4
So strong but that's what makes it so lovely
 How cool is this place
They have the cutest things ever and that ladder on the right is used to store sugar, cups and lid as it's adjacent to the coffee machine. There's also street seating and seating out the back as well
You don't want to miss this place!

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