The Choc Pot Review

Newly opened Choc Pot offered a quiet and relaxing sanctuaryfrom the harsh wind and rain and soothing medicine in the form of chocolate to recuperate after an exam. Although, there is minimal seating inside, you'll find that it is quite intimate.

Studying and food comes hand in hand for anyone who doubts this matrimony

Top left are the lights, I found them quite adorable how they seemed caged

Mango sencha $4.50
I'm adding this tea on my list of teas to buy when I need to replenish my supplies. It has a lovely mango scent which isn't overpowering but rich enough to meet my standard for how strong my teas need to be. 
Chocolate SoufflĂ© with salted carmel sauce $12
Nothing beats chocolate on a cold and rainy day, it's one of the best ways to lift one's spirit. The salted caramel sauce went well with the sweet soufflĂ© and before you know it you're already at the stage where you're scraping off the edges and licking your spoon wishing for more.  
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