Bec & Bridge Falling Poppies

 2nd Post of the Year, I hope I'm off to a good start guys by giving you guys a fashion post. Gosh it has been so long since I've written about fashion but after spending time reading Chinese fashion magazines aka Chinese Bazaar and Cosmopolitan I'm fresh new topics to talk about but before that I wanted to spread the word about a brand that I love: Bec & Bridge- they are the geniuses behind my favourite print; Falling Poppies. In the past I haven't been much of a floral person, I still have a slight aversion towards it but that's probably because I was exposed to hideous prints that should never have been made into clothing let alone worn. Enough of that, if you find a good floral print then wear it proud!

Bec & Bridge's Falling Poppies combines two of my favourite colours and colour combinations, it's like this print was purposely meant for me <3. 
White is a must have staple, I mean who doesn't own a plain white top (if not run out to buy one the next time you're in a shop). What irks me the most about most floral prints is that they can be quite solid and blocky but with this design we can a gradual transition and it's this fact that I love the most. This is an incredibly important fact for jeans because it is so easy to go wrong because a fine balance must be achieved otherwise it becomes and eyesore like many before. 

Below is a picture of me showing off my Bec & Bridge Falling Poppies Jeans with a white SES buttoned top, Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch, Talbots black leather belt and Rene Caovilla heels.
For cooler weathers I initially found it hard to find colours to pair nicely with these jeans, my advice don't wear other bright colours, stick to either a white, black or a contrast it like I did below with khaki. 

 Rene Caovilla heels, I think I'm in love with Italian heel makes. Giuseppe Zanotti of course is best.
If red outer soles are to Christian Louboutin then gold glittery soles are to Rene Caovilla

Next Look the Bec & Bridge Falling Poppies Shorts
Got to love them versatile simple white tops

These shorts also have that skirt effect
 Pierre Cardin vintage sunglasses

Bag- See by Chloe
Shoes- Stuart Weitzman
Sunglasses- vintage Pierre Cardin
Watch- Michael Kors

Final Look adding the Bec & Bridge Falling Poppies Blazer
Now if you know me personally then you'll probably consider me to be quite short. The blazer pictured here is a size 6 and despite being the smallest size available it is also quite long and by 'quite' I mean just above my knees (unfortunately). So plan is to get it tailored by bringing it up but so far I haven't the heart to cut the lovely material and print with it so I'm just wearing it as an oversized blazer by draping it over my shoulders.
 My shock expresses it all I know the blazer is massive.
As Chriselle Lim once said: Rules are meant to be broken. 
Yes it is quite often correct to not match prints with prints especially of the same kind but with a little thought you can so break this rule. From my prior look, I replaced the top this time with a mint green top instead because had I stuck with the white top it would have been too match matchy in which case the rule applies. However add a different colour top and you employ some colour blocking which helps you to create so distance when you pair two of the same prints together as you can see below. I hope you guys appreciate my artistic self and enjoy a lovely picture of the entrance to my house.

 See the contrast
And because I DIY everything enjoy my shameless selfies

What I'm wearing:
Blazer- Bec & Bridge
Shorts- Bec & Bridge
Top: Finders Keepers 'Let it Rain' playsuit, I just wore the shorts on top of the playsuit
Watch- same as above

I first caught onto this print when I saw Aimee Song of Song of Style wear this, at one stage I was contemplating buying the top that she's wearing as well but I decided against it for my wallet's sake and considering that I would rarely wear it but you have to admit that she wears it pretty darn well.

Anyhow that concludes the first fashion post in a long time. Hope you enjoyed reading and viewing the photos, look forward to more !!!


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