Gelato Messina at Sydney Festival 2014 Review

This year Gelato Messina ran a stall at the Sydney Festival channeling a carnival theme, at a glance any gelato fan for that matter would be excited with their wonderful  if not colourful and eccentric offerings as expected from a carnival.
 Hyde Park in front of St Mary's cathedral is the recreation of the Stonehenge only this time as a massive jumping castle.
 Gelatoffee Apples- Green apple sorbet with a  caramel milk chocolate glazed candy apple red finish $7
Initially I thought this was going to be the best but as they say don't get your hopes up and this was the case. There was nothing wrong with the caramel milk chocolate coating, at first you don't taste the caramel but then after a few bites you can definitely tell that it's there. The green apple sorbet tastes nothing like a sorbet- if anything it tastes like a bad pink lady or any ordinary pink lady apple (I'm a fuji apple person) so I detest the mushiness and that's exactly what I got served. To be honest the sorbet was just really unpleasant- a disappointment.
 Food whore
 Yeeah Dawgs! A twisted hot dog- A milk chocolate gelato hot dog, served in a warm finger bun with essential condiments passionfruit 'mustard', raspberry 'ketchup' and buttercream 'mayo', and coconut 'onions' $9
First things first, where is my buttercream 'mayo' and coconut 'onions' that might have been why I felt that this hot dog was lacking something. I loved the idea, thought it was really innovative and the milk chocolate gelato hot dog was lovely but I thought that it didn't really gel well when you eat it in conjunction with the finger bun and the double dose of sweetness that you get with the passionfruit 'mustard' and raspberry 'ketchup'- that might be why it was just way too sweet without the 'mayo' and 'onions' which I would have loved to have particularly the 'onions'.
 Messinaweiener! AKA The Pluto Pup- A baton of maple syrup gelato coated in pancake batter, del fried & crispy- Dipped in plum sauce $9
I hope I don't sound like someone who has a vendetta against Messina because I really love their gelato and creations from the Creative Department store in Darlinghurst but I think that they had an ambitious menu that didn't get executed the way that I know they're capable of doing so. As for this one my call is too much batter, the oil really comes through and unfortunately the maple syrup gelato does seep through a lot. 


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