The Power of Internet

The power of internet but fashion related.

Ever noticed how this contraption (computer) has propelled people to celebrity status like nigahiga, mychonny and bubzbeauty just to name a few. I mean even Justin Beiber was scouted on the internet so the same applies to fashion bloggers. Tavi Gevinson is one year younger than me (you do the math) and yet she so famous in the fashion that she's usually a front row figure in many international fashion shows. Basically she started a fashion blog when she was 11 and it was so pro that people started thinking that the person behind it was an insider.
^the photo above was a very very early photo and OMG this person has style and is without doubt my senpai-senior (gosh im such a noob compared to her)

the prelude to Lady GAGA
poor sharapova towers over her but Maria's dress is so pretty and before i forget go Maria and No1e for the French Open Finals this weekend. Lots of love from a quaint suburb in Sydney and hopeing they can both complete their grand slam collection and for No1e the calendar slam.

Quote time
She describes herself as “tiny 13 year old dork that sits inside all day wearing awkward jackets and pretty hats”.


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