Wagamama Review

Seeing as I love eating out I might as well do some reviews yeah?

So I went to this Japanese Restaurant with some friends whilst out in the city on an economics excursion btw I met Ross Gittins (i had a photo with him as well as his signature <3).

Wagamama is situation in The Galeries opposite QVB, second level near Kinokuniya.
The food is reasonably priced for city but the portions aren't that great for me myself I would go there once and then find a better Japanese restaurant.

 Complementary Coke, not a fan of the drink but I cant say the same for their glass bottles <3
 Yaki (Seafood) Udon the only problem was that I'm a udon in soup person not stir-fried but nonetheless it was an enjoyable first
Ginger Chicken Udon

Anyhow thanks for reading!
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