Couture: the dream and envy of women everywhere

After watching snippets of the Oscars I feel motivated to talk about couture gowns. In between doing school work, eating out, work, I like spend time reading Vogue every now and then and by read I mean flicking through the pages looking at the makeup reviews, clothes, styling and also some feature articles of people I know or find interesting. So couture as you know is in the title of my blog and I absolutely love it! The correct term for what I absolutely adore is 'haute couture', which is a French word and basically means or is associated with high fashion, custom/hand-made clothes. As the meaning suggest, it involves a large degree of exclusivity because you have to be someone special to be able to wear couture but that hurdle certainly does not detract from aspiring to do so or stop you from admiring these exquisite gowns. I think for most of us, the closest we'll get to couture is for our big day especially for those who opt to design their own wedding dress.

From the January issue of Vogue Australia:
 Giambattista Valli haute couture evening dress and embroidered tulle skirt; ball gown, silk faille and skirt and belt; silk ball gown with embroidered bustier and bow; and silk evening gown with bustier, silk mousseline skirt and belt.

How do I start with how much I do the ball gowns pictured here, as you probably know by now I love floral because when it is used properly it just looks outright amazing. I'm loving the soft colours with lovely touches of femininity whether that be by adding embroidered flowers on bustiers or the florals prints or even layers of tulle. But sadly as beautiful as it is, I doubt that for most of us can find an occasion to aptly showcase these haute couture gowns in all their glory. And just of the record, my personal favourite would be a toss between the two on the right.

From left: Giambattista Valli haute couture silk mousseline ball gown with short skirt; and embroidered bustier ball gown silk gazar skirt. 

The above two are more appropriate when you want leave a lasting impression, sure they look outrageous to walk in but you can just stand there and look pretty. Correction, not stand there and look pretty but awkwardly move from side to side or snail crawl your way away to be extra regal. 

That's it for now, so thought I'd share a bit of pretty with you guys because these things are best shared!


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