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Hi Guys, you can find me on Instagram now. My username is TheGourmetCouture, I'm pretty sure instagram isn't sensitive to capitals so don't worry about that alternatively click this link (just started using it so don't expect too much from me at this stage). As for why I joined the bandwagon, well I wanted to create more exposure for my blog and perhaps interact with my readers, I know you guys are out there but yeah I am always open to feedback and comments so yeah talk to me because I would love to hear how you stumbled upon my blog. Also a few days ago this blog reached a mini-mile stone, of course you need to keep this in perspective but I was so pleased when I saw the stats page for this blog and it has finally reached 100+ page views in a day, so thank you so much guys for supporting this blog and showing your interest. I guess the next step or what I'm planning on is probably to start a Facebook page but that will of course depend on the reception of my Instagram account. Anyhow next few posts are going to be on their way, need to take photos for this fashion post I want to write up but please be understanding, uni has started again and I am already bombarded with readings.


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