MKR Hits Parramatta

For those that have been reading my blog for a long may remember me talking about MKR moments or phrases as well as the fact that last year I actually walked past the filming site where they were doing the Food Truck Challenge at St James Law Courts and that may have been one my biggest food regrets of 2012 (when they filmed).

Last year in October a friend of mine tipped me off about MKR filming in Parramatta and I was exited to see if what they were planning and of course the food being served up. Unfortunately I had to leave before they started serving, it's a shame that uni means going to the city. The same friend that  told of this event also couldn't get inside to dine because apparently you have to book months in advance to be a part of the dining crowd. So producers of MKR you guys should hold a food bloggers event and preferably invite me.

 Really loved the tapiocas, they picked a really picturesque spot but as a Parramatta local so-to-say that street is not really a food hive you'd rather go to the later half of church st.  


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