Hot Star Large Fried Chicken Review

As a Sydney-sider I feel that there a million things that Melbourne has that Sydney doesn't but with the recent opening of Hot Star, there is one less thing that Melbourne boasts that Sydney doesn't. If the rapid onset of bloggers rushing to get a piece of chicken is anything to go by, it has surely become the new Talk of the Town. I think that we should all remember that not all street food is good but let me tell you that this stuff is divine.

Situated just moments away from World Square, Hot Star can be spotted from away for its light blue signage and a crowd of people outside. Note, there is no seating available but the takeaway packaging is hands friendly. 

Fried Chicken bigger than my face, it looks small in the picture but that is simply because it is folded slightly and I was eating on the go with no plate so unfortunately it wasn't feasible for me to take it out of its packaging for you to admire it in all its glory.

As you can probably tell from the above picture, I was suffering from a case of lipstick problems but who cares when you have tender f**king fried chicken in front of you- because really that is all that matters. I think that when you hear the word 'fried', oil should be one of your next thoughts, yet for some reason you don't really get that overwhelming oil taste even after several bites and that is what is so good about this. That said, that is not to say that you won't get that feeling eventually, perhaps it varies between each person but by the time I reached the bones, a few bites away from devouring it all, I stopped. I guess it was partially because I was eating it in public which attaches with a certain level of common decency; especially when it may be a tad unsightly to see someone eating the meat near the bone (I don't know about you guys but that has got to be one of my favourite parts though also when I don't look my best....)

All in all, I thoroughly recommend this joint and it is a great midnight snack (literally). Don't forget that they also do chicken bites and curly fries (I haven't had these in ages) as well as combo deals. 

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