Monochrome Madness

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Hopping on the flat lay band wagon, notable mention goes to the BB creme in this picture which isn't all that clear but the white tube is my beloved Dior Snow BB creme.

Top: Vintage Yves Saint Laurent
Blazer: Bought off, like the China version of Ebay
Pants: Cameo Poison Tree pants (one of my favourites)
Shoes: ASOS Porter heels
Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo
Accessories: my iPhone with a NOT Chanel perfume bottle case (read more here)

I absolutely adore black and white, they would have to be my favourite colours (even though they both technically are not colours) and I love them even more when I wear them together. I guess when you have as much black and white as I do, it is really hard to find the next black or white piece that really excites you which is why these day I'm jumping up and down whenever I see something that is a combination of black and white. I particularly love the blazer that I'm wearing here, I found it on Taobao and I really could not resist buying it (note you do need to be familiar with Chinese, to an extent, to use this site), it was after all consolidation for me for not being able to buy the elusive Kelly Wearstler Horizon Coat, which till this day, I am still looking for (let me know if anyone knows anyone that is willing to sell it to me). So my advice guys when you are in love with a particular colour or black&white like me go all out, I promise you that you will love it even more. 

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