It's your turn in our game of Words with Friends

Top- Shona Joy Deadly Tee
Shorts- Shona Joy St Lucia

Admittedly, this post has nothing to do with game 'Words with Friends'. I'm not sure if you have noticed but words are creeping into wardrobes as of late; whether that be quirky puns like the picture below or just something expressive and articulate like the picture above. I know that everyone views fashion differently but for me, I see it as a projection of my mood, personality and it provides me with great joy (part of the reason why I love shopping). So when I see tops or jumpers that have something written that I can relate to then I have no shame wearing them. Take for example the Shona Joy outfit that I wearing, Shona top and Shona joy St Lucia- pirate style shorts. Because the top colour is such a strong purple, I wanted to continue with that strong image by pairing it with my pirate shorts which also happen to work nicely in terms of colour coordination as well. Finally to top it off, a bold lip and for those curious I use MAC Ruby Woo. NB picture on the right is me making the pirate 'arghh' sound.

Don't know why but I really like this top, not so much the actual top itself but rather what's written. It's a spoof off the French brand Celine which is famous for its trapeze bags or phantom luggage bags (both I adore) but recently you are seeing the brand name printed on shirts that have nothing to do with the brand itself. Examples include the one I'm wearing, 'Feline' or 'Celine up bitches'- I would like to have one saying 'Celine up bitches.

Jeans: Sass and Bide
Bag: Vintage 
Since the top was black and I had red lipstick on (you'll find that I tend to take my photos all at once), I decided to go for a slightly more edgier look than what I would normally wear which meant giving my Sass and Bide jeans the FaceTime they deserve. You'll find that a lot of people say this but horizontal stripes makes you look fat (which it does) and vertical stripes makes you look taller. You guys should be the judge of the later and tell me if I look taller because I purposely cropped out my feet because I thought that I looked quite short in a full outfit shot.

Shorts: Evelyn bought it because of the zebra print
Belt: Vintage Captiva leather belt

 Jumper: Phillip Lim for Target (in the US that is)
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
One of my favourite designers and I am currently loving this jumper the most out of my winter warmers. The comic print of this jumper is also present throughout Phillip Lim's collection for Target.


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