Otto Ristorante Review

Spaghetti all'Aragosta
650g Tasmanian crayfish, spaghetti, brandy, napolitana sauce, cherry tomatoes, baby basil $95

How amazing does that menu description sound? At $95 however I couldn't justify the purchase on my own which is why I dined at Otto using my Dimmi $50 voucher from the points I accumulated. Therefore $45 doesn't sound too bad, right? Right? Even so I shared it between my friend and I, though being pretentious again, I should have asked for it to be brought with the shell for optimal picture utility (yeah I know, always keen for that perfect picture). I don't know about you but there are two similar options on the menu- one with no pasta, the other with pasta- and maybe I'm being a stingy Asian here but I don't think we got 650g of Tasmanian crayfish meat unless we're counting the shell. Nonetheless the dish itself was faultless, lovely juicy, plump pieces of crayfish (I wish there was more) combined with equally spectacular flavours of the pasta. If you like indulging yourself and seafood and pasta are your type of combination then definitely give this a try; a lot of the diners that day also ordered this as well. 

L: Bellini- Prosecco, Crème de Peche and white peach puree $19
R: Peach Iced Tea- Lemongrass, peppermint, earl grey, white peach puree, lemon, orange, fresh mint and berries $14

It appears as if my friend and I were definitely thinking along the same lines when it came picking out drinks which both happen to be peach based. I'm a huge tea person so I couldn't help myself when I saw an earl grey iced tea (in fact I'm having earl grey tea at this very moment). The earl grey tea was definitely there with the sweetness coming across from the peach puree and if you think that it may be a little too sweet then simply submerge the lemon and mint and start hacking away at them so  their flavour is dispersed into the tea. 

Stravaganza al Cioccolato~ to share $46

"Nutella" Brûlée, hazelnut ice-cream, white chocolate crumble, praline, popping candy
Amaretto custard, chocolate & sour cherry ice cream, Amarena cherries, meringue & candied almonds 
Raspberry dark chocolate tart
Cocoa nib cannoli, milk chocolate mousse & peanut butter wafer

A meal is never finished without accounting for dessert. When you can't decide what dessert to order why not get everything and by everything I don't mean order each and every dessert on the menu (of course I would totally approve that decision when in the company of many) - I mean get the to share extravaganza! It would definitely be best to have the ice-cream and sorbets first because they melt quite quickly and melted ice-cream/sorbet just doesn't taste all that great. 

If the 'Nutella' Brûlée sounds amazing then let me say that it tastes just as amazing. If burnt sugar top layer isn't enough to excite you, then what about when it is combined with a popping candy? Party in your mouth. The chocolate mousse below, white chocolate crumble and praline on the side added to this well rounded dessert. 

Presentation wise, I think it would have made more sense if the sour cherry ice-cream were placed along side the rest of this dessert. I'm not a fan of Amarena cherries so out of 4 desserts, this was my least favourite. Amarena cherries aside, it was enough to nibble on the candied almonds and meringue.

After a sweet not-so-marathon, it would probably be best to sink you teeth in the bitter dark chocolate tart. Sometimes bitter things are good and this is one of them. Though in saying that, a few bites may be more than enough for most. 

I left my favourite for last- CANNOLI. If you thought you couldn't handle even more chocolate then think again because cocoa cannoli shells with chocolate mousse should be the next big thing. What makes this dessert even better is the peanut butter wafer and peanut butter brittle. If you are like me, then a childhood pastime (and perhaps even so now) is eating peanut butter unashamedly out of the jar (instead of nutella or maybe even both).  The brittle and wafer was exactly that. So when you get such as heavenly combination of chocolate and peanut butter, you can understand why this special dessert should be left for last.

Closeup of the cannoli

Here's the meat only crayfish option

When in Woolloomooloo, you cannot overlook the wharf!

To conclude, thank you guys for helping me reach 100K all time views. There will also be some new upcoming changes as I plan to shift my blog to my own domain.

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