Sunglasses on top!

Sometimes in the heat of the sun, sunglasses not only offer eyewear protection but are also an accessory. For  the entirety of the day that I was out at the Norton Street Festival in Leichhardt, my sunglasses were used to accentuate my resting bitch face so I could move with a bit more ease through the crowds. Yet when it came to taking these shots, I'd much rather have my sunnies nestled in my hair instead because that way I can look a tad bit nicer. I think I'm still living in my euphoria state where exams are just simply a taboo but sadly no. Exams are a way of life. Or so I have come to accept (for now) and so I will finish this post here (details below) so I can go back to hitting the books joined by lovely friend caffeine (no she's not an imaginary friend). 

Sorry no vintage bicycles here fitted with baskets and fresh pastries and bread

Sunglass: Bvlgari
Top: SES
Pants: Mossman Clothing
Bag: Gucci
Shoes: Camper Sunglass flats

Photos taken at The Forum, Leichhardt 


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