Hey guys, I thought I'd myself known again after my recent MIA stunt. So my exams ended this Friday and in between work, frantic 20 hour cram days/nights and extreme amounts of fluids in the form of tea and coconut juice, I am still alive (I have terrible or more so unique exam habits). Unfortunately amongst all that, blogging had to be sacrificed but now that that period of the year is over I can wholeheartedly throw myself into blogging and other related ventures (still a secret but if all goes well then I shall happily announce it here). If you were wondering why this post is so late it's because Friday was spent binge eating, Saturday I was running around the city like a headless chicken followed by a university society social event that I organised, Sunday was the Sydney Food Bloggers picnic (big shout out to Chocolatesuze and Grab Your Fork for organising) followed by shopping and dinner and finally today was my shopping spree that required more running around the city like a headless chicken.

In case you guys haven't noticed I've moved over to my own domain so a big shout out to Isaac from iFat who is your go to connoisseur for 'Dude Food'. In fact, there's so many food bloggers each with their own niche that you guys the readers are so spoilt when it comes to deciding the next place to eat and let's not forget the old school modes of restaurant reviews. For a second, let's forget print media and think of those Tourism ads (cue in Lara Bingle's 'Where the bloody hell are you') and acknowledge that interstate tourism is giving food the appreciation it deserves. If you're stuck in Sydney or Australia this Summer then why not explore your own state, if anything you're helping the economy and while you're at it visit Tourism NSW's restaurant page for your one stop fix for ideas.

On that note I'm actually heading back to the motherland aka China and I cannot wait to stuff myself with food and show you where I'm going and also what I'll be wearing which may or may not be entirely weather appropriate. I've long heard of the endless complaints about the censorship in China so for the month that I'm there I'll try to get a VPN up and running but this blog shall still be active, just under the loving hands of a caretaker and I've also heard that Instagram is now dead in China as well so fingers crossed I can bring it back to life (or at least for me) if not there will be an Instagram takeover (volunteers anyone?). Also, if you want to stalk (ahem follow) my China travels I have Weibo but I know like no one on Weibo, in fact I must confess that I only created it so that I could stalk (say what- I mean support) Chinese celebrities. Whilst we're on topic of overseas travel have a browse through Webjet's website if you're keen for a holiday escape.

And because a post is never complete without a photo hear are some snaps during my study/exam weeks



Tea + Chocolate


Digital clock taking up your entire screen is a must to properly highlight the time that you procrastinated

Waking up is a challenge, one that I'm incredibly paranoid about.


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