Moochi @ Sydney Westfield

Do you remember that post where I said that Moochi opened? Well today I made it my personal mission to go there. My only regret was that I didn't use my card...again.

 My companion <3 who is standing next to Rubi Shoes. When I get my online order next month, I'll show you how not to follow the mainstream pastel trend. I mean pastel colours are nice, just not on the stuff that they're selling in shopping centres so my advice is to steer clear from that, and on top of that they're quality is crap anyway.
 Pretty isn't it. If you look closely at the counter then you might be able to tell how its 'melted frozen yoghurt'. This reminds me of my Physics test and the Astrophysics section where I'm talking about resolution and resolving objects.
 Cool spoons
The Massive option

Alright time to be critical. Pomegranate was refreshing, better than Wowcow. The biscotti was nice and better than the one I had at Noggi and finally the green tea....I'll be blunt. I didn't like it, fortunately Sweet liked green tea. 

Tip: when you go to Moochi be aware that there are no seating areas nearby unless you go to one of the cafes on level 1


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