A day well spent at Eastwood

It has been a while since I last posted, sorry! On the bright side, I will be posting more often so look forward to that.

I've pretty much conquered all of the restaurants at Eastwood, yeah I go there a lot, like a lot. So yesterday I paid a visit to Homer's cafe and Mr Han's Traditional Chinese Restaurant. No happy snaps of food there but I think I ordered risotto one too many times.

Below is a picture of the BEST fried tofu, it's seasoned with salted egg yolk and it's a really good combination.

After lunch was YOGURBERRY which is coming 'soon' to strathfield. The best part was how it's self serve like Chatswood except they don't have as many flavours.
 Plastic instead of paper
 Outside dining except it's right next to the train station

Night time Yogurberry and if you look closely then you will notice something different or well at least different from when I went there earlier

Next up was dinner at Taste of Shanghai, we had the usual shang food like xiao long baos. The downside to today was that I was still full from lunch so there were lots of leftovers.
I found the signage cute, excuse the misleading picture
Finally to conclude this post:

I used my tea set today including the Wedgewood Earl Grey tea that I bought from Myer ages ago, so anyone up for tea?


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