Online Shopping Expedition

Exams are over and I went straight to my computer to begin my hardcore 24hrs of online shopping.

Some tips for those who want to start shopping online:
- Have a budget (strange coming from me)
- Look around to get a general idea for how much certain things are because there's nothing worse than buying something that's overpriced
- Know your body shape and what works best for you
- This one relates to those wanting to do formal shopping. First go to shops and just try a whole heap of dresses that tickle your fancy (even if it's slightly). Ignore any unnecessary sequins because the point is to try out different designs so that you know what works for you and this way you have an idea of what styles to look for online.
- Start!

Alright so I swear by this website called taobao, there's so many goods and they're also really cheap, just be weary of all the fakes tho.

Some notable items that I found:
Cool right? Too bad the front doesn't look that great otherwise I would've bought this
My new school bag, gosh I'm going to get so many weird looks, the best thing about it is that it costs $4.50

Oh yeah if you follow my other blog, then you might remember me talking about Kelly Wearstler's Horizon Coat, well I found blazer that reminded me of it so hopefully I can get it before stocks run out because I would love to welcome it to my wardrobe. I don't know why but when I was looking at it again today, it reminded me of Michael Jackson so I can't wait to show you all


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