Bitter's Top 5 Picks

Okay the title may be slightly generic but I'll personalise this (I promise) and I'll try to (can't guarantee though) choose things that can be used irrespective of the season so that my Northern Hemisphere readers are also included.

1. Wrap Up- This thing is amazing! I haven't personally tried it myself but I will (like in 2weeks) and by that I mean to say that I just bought 'it' online (well a cheaper and more accessible version). It's like the donut bun but better because
a) you can use it even if you don't have thick hair 
b) it's easier to use and looks better by far 
c) it's more versatile so you can create different styles
d) it looks less painful, not sure about you but after supporting a donut hair style for a day my scalp starts to feel sore especially around the hair roots 

Don't believe me then watch this or you will regret it. It's a video but unfortunately I can't share it on Blogger nor can I find it on Youtube so sorry!
Also if you're interested in buying one, I bought a pack of 6 so just ask me or you can buy the same alternative on Ebay click here but then again if I had the option I would buy the real thing, unfortunately for me they do not offer international shipping. On int shipping news Sugarpova has added Australia to the list of countries but they'll be at David Jones come January so I guess I can wait before I stock up big time on branded candy by one of my favourite tennis players.

2. Peplum Coat
I have a love-hate relationship with Peplum. When I first saw it, I loved it because it wasn't plastered everywhere on anything but nowadays it's overdone and it a bad way which has brought shame to the design. A peplum coat has been something that I've eyed ever since it started to get chilly (oh and I get cold very easier so think Autumn).
Good Peplum
Stunning Peplum so if anyone can find one for me in a design similar to this then I will reward you.

3. Arm Candy- I have a particular fancy for those that are sported by Chriselle and Aimee (SongofStyle)

Now one of the essentials for a good wrist is a good watch- menswear style especially if you pair it with a good blouse, blazer and heels. My pick for good watch goes to Michael Kors- I'm sure Ashley Madekwe would agree with me when I say that they look stunning.

Rose Gold is my personal favourite with minimal bling 
Santa for Xmas I want a new watch

4. Envelope Clutch- like Peplum I think it has been overdone in a bad way but when I first saw it on Revenge, it new original, and very innovative and chic. I'm not being biased here but in this case the branded options are nicer by far
Emily's envelope clutch
I usually don't like animal printed bags but there's always an exception (: Plus it's a neutral which means that you can wear in the day or for a night out and of course for every designer there is a far cheaper alternative/ copy
Alloy's clutch retails for $34.90 much more affordable than the $1280 price tag demanded by Givenchy
This satin clutch is by BCBGMAXAZARIA which is still a fashion house but not so as prestigious as Givenchy but for $78 it is still well worth it and it also comes in multiple colours if you're interested. Click here if you wish to buy it for $71 with free shipping and yes it's real and no it is not a scam as I shop from reputable websites

5. MAC lipstick - it's good enough said.


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