It's been a while

^My title sums it all up

First off after graduation, I had dinner with my godparents at a Thai place called Thai Paragon. Initial impression: ohhhh pree--tayy and then we went in and omgosh the prices are ridiculously over-priced. Heads up guys they charge you just to have meat in your dish, it is not included in menu price.

 See what I mean

 Massaman curry- my fav if you haven't tried then do so. You won't be disappointed
 I think this was Pad Thai, from memory either this dish or the one below was surprisingly sweet (in a bad way guys)

Sorry for the horrible photos my camera was playing up on me but never fear Bitter is here with her new DSLR (yay)

Went to city today to run a few errands. Got my eyebrows done at Benefit Brow and the person who serviced me was from France and had an awesome accent. The down-side I realised how sensitive my skin is ):

 Thought I'd add this randomly in, a study snack of mine
 Giant shoe in Westfield Sydney, no idea why it's promoting Tag Huer
 TOPSHOP although I was saddened by their limited range and by that I mean that the clothes were over-priced and they were the same thing over and over again (i.e. peplum, metallics, you know the rest)

Waffle on a stick
 Macaroons!!! 12 for $10. Wait I'm tasting right now to give you the verdict, they're not bad considering the price but the only macaroon I tried before today were made by Better (first try). Speaking about macaroons, Laduree (French macaron powerhouse) is in Westfield Sydney so if anyone wants to have tea and macrons with me then just tell me but warning they are expensive with a box of 8 being $29 so yeah


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