Hey long time no speak/see/hear/whatevs.

Sorry I had to conquer the HSC before I could unequivocally blog again.

Funfact time:
When I was looking at fashion blogs etc I found the longest wedding dress, yeah I'm currently obsessed with haute couture fashion including wedding dresses because they're slightly my ideal for a formal dress as well.

It's a 1.85 mile long train which took 100 days to make by the Romanian design house Andree Salon. I don't think that the model walked with it because it would take a shit-load of people to carry it as the bride walked down the supposed aisle (not that you would make a 2mile+ aisle) seeing as it took 10 seamstresses alone to make it for the Bucharest 2012 biannual Wedding Fair (yes it was sponsored- thank God).

Alright seeing as I did mention my ideal formal dress, I have found it (don't trust me on this because I have a tendency to change my mind quite often but currently I am in love with this dress). It's by Marchesa and it is currently 50% off at BlueFly, the bad news is that it cost 4 figures (still)

Why I love it? The flower gathering at the front, that leg split which is subtle but still noticeable (yeah in case you haven't noticed I'm not a fan of showing off too much skin), the COLOUR (lol colour- hehehe) it's oyster pink and well that sounds amazing! Of course in order to pull this dress off, I kinda have to grow like an extra 10 cm at least T^T

Moving onto my actual dress, it's Chloe silk, halter neck strap that is also asymmetrical (not mullet style) and by that I mean that it is long at the front and back but short at the sides. Shoes were Porter points from ASOS, jewellery was (vintage) pearl themed (all bought online for ridiculously cheap prices) including my hair pins. 

Yeah we were mucking around and don't you love my 14cm heels because I do


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