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Hi Guys

I thought I'd revive this dead blog. Gosh it's been so long since, sorry.

Also NYFW is on for those of you that care.

I'm kinda of lost for words at the moment, I just want to regurgitate all these words onto this post just in a pleasant manner if that makes any sense to you.

I'll just start chronologically. Also someone teach me how to get a macbook to recognise my DSLR like it does with any other device because the way that it is programmed sucks so for all you Apple hater this is an argument for guys (btw these are photos taken on 25th and 26th January because the other ones are on my compact camera which I have yet to touch).

 Views from Apartment also no photos of Australia Fireworks because this one building blocked like 90% of the show and ask Elisa for the lobby photos, it's practically like a hotel

Okay these are from Australia Day because most of the 25th was spent at Melbourne park so I'll do a separate post for that

For some reason there are lots of these animals on a pole around the CBD

 The shop on the left is called Miss Louise and I have fallen head over heels for it. Basically the sell designer bags and shoes such as Celine, Balenciaga, Chloe, and my personal favourites Rene Caovilla and Giuseppe Zanotti. They're both italian shoe designers and I adore their creations in fact what I loved most about Miss Louise was their prices. Of course the newly arrived items have a heavy price tag but when they're discounted I just cannot resist. Elisa and I found a lovely pair of Giuseppe Zanotti leather flats on sale for $395 marked down from $995 which is a steal. The only catch was that they only had one pair left in each size from 35-38 (?) and the one on display from memory was a 36 (my size) which had lots of stretch marks. So I contemplated for a long time because I'm pretty sure that the only retailers that stock Giuseppe Zanotti in Sydney is Varese shoes, a boutique in QVB and maybe one or two boutiques in Paddington. I ended up walking away because one I can't justify the purchase yet (wait till I get a proper job) and two I feel less guilty and burdened if I use my Dad's credit card so yeah I was crying inside for the rest of the day and I really wanted to show you guys the flats but I can't seem to find it online so I'm just going to describe it. They're two-toned ballet flats with tan leather and a black (kind of simple) Aztec pattern along the sides. All in all simple, unique yet mesmerising.
 Also we trekked all the way to Tom Turtle which is an ice-cream/dessert house, their speciality is ice-cream cubes (just google them or have a look at their facebook page). The only problem was that they were closed ): btw click on the photo and hopefully you can see how fail their sign is because things never go as planned nor did they bother to inform their customers on their facebook page about this minor problem.

 Walked around CBD, went to DJ's to see if they had any Sugarpova and turns out they sold out that very morning
Second time I saw this lady, the first time was outside Queen Victoria markets. She basically stands like a statue and moves when you pay her. 
My mum went up to her and from then onwards this lady made lots of money from busking because everyone started to give her money after
She gives you some glitter


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