Hyde Park Barracks Cafe- High Tea Review

I went High Tea and if you've ever heard me talking about it your reply should be something along the lines of "Finally". In case you're wondering about prices, we bought a groupon (my first time in fact) for high tea for two for $49 and although that's quite cheap I felt quite unsatisfied with variety of the petit fours that we were served. 

Where: Right next to Hyde Park Barracks Museum and Sydney Mint Cafe in the CBD, it's a historical and a heritage listed building (?) so that explains why some parts of the cafe is very rustic. Sat at the reserved area which was an elevated platform and I'm pretty sure that those were in the same seating as us also claimed their groupons that day as well.

 High Tea for 2
 Cucumber sandwiches, toasted prosciutto sandwich and these arancini balls (YUM) 
 Sweets! Scones, blueberry cheesecake and brownies
Pavlova and Lemon Meringue tart
Cream and Jam for the scones
 Consumed a concoction of drinks and that glass of champagne is mine (:
 Those forks are so cool

My thoughts:
I loved the savoury snacks and whilst I am a self confessed dessert addict I think I'd rather more savouries although the prosciutto sandwiches were too salty. The scones together with the cream and jam was so good, in fact after my scone I helped myself to the rest of the cream and jam. When it comes to cream, my general rule is less is more but nope I was void of any guilt as I devoured that light and fluffy cream which lacked some flavour- I think there wasn't much icing sugar nor vanilla essence in it but who cares I want that recipe because it was so light! The rest of the sweets were fairly average, but someone correct me on this but how gooey is a brownie suppose to be because the one we were served was really soft and gooey.
 Finally went to Tom n Toms afterwards to suppress my caffeine craving. As you can see it's the Korean version of Starbucks and since it's Korean the decor is so much better

 Iced Green Tea Latte (:
 How not to present ID
 I found this in Chinatown and the guy who made it is so talented, I am curious as to how much he charges for one though because it does take time.

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