The Sydney Mint Cafe Review

Another review guys, so 365 friend and I had been planning to go this restaurant after I felt like going on another food adventure. At the time we were both admiring their summer dessert menu and I obviously went ballistic when I saw french toast on the menu. Story is, I love french toast except I can never make it like they do in the restaurants, one reason might be because you should be using questionable amounts of butter to cook them.

One morning last month I couldn't help myself. I had french toast but I loved it! It's served with maple syrup and strawberries, it was so good- buttery goodness though D; btw I'm always on a diet so I try to steer clear of butter wherever possible. 

I'm going to start critiquing now, starting with the french toast my only fault would be that I did some strawberries that were bruised so that was a bit unpleasant. It would also be good if they had removed the stems that way you wouldn't hear the occasional clanging sound when your knife made contact with the plate. I also ordered a cappuccino ($3.50) and although I got a lot of foam, the barista - burnt my milk so yeah, I was disappointed with my coffee.
 French toast $9 generous serving of two slices and whilst it may not sound like much it is very filling

Come Monday, on the week of Orientation 365 friend and I bumped into Youtube Sensation, 'Alan' and one of their friends (if you read this right now I'm sorry for your poor reference it's just that I'm suffering from a lack of imagination). Anyways, they decided to join us by bus-ing it to the other side of the city.
Seared scallops, baba ganoush, preserved lemon, baby herbs $21 

 Chermoula spiced chicken, sweet potato crumble, green beans, tarragon butter $24
 Hickory smoked wagyu beef burger, tomato, cheese, bacon, cucumber & piri piri mayo $19
Salad nicoise, fresh grilled tuna fillet $18 
 Pistachio panna cotta, praline & floss $11

White chocolate cheesecake, dark choc jelly, berry compote $11 

I don't know why but for some reason I wasn't as satisfied as my first visit. Maybe it was because we were served tap water this time or that some of the main servings weren't as plentiful as I thought. Another reason could be because I wanted my raspberry and blueberry flan, I mean that was the reason why I decided to go to this place again but no they to switch over from their Summer menu to their Autumn menu when Summer hasn't even ended yet. Although if you have a sweet tooth like me and love desserts I would recommend this cafe, real panna cotta tastes so much different and better than store bought panna cotta. I wish my grade had picked wise dessert options like say panna cotta over this chocolate mousse. 

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