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Hey guys,

Uni is about to start and gosh I need to make friends but it would help if I knew more people who could then introduce me to their friends (readers help me out here), sigh I'm currently contemplating about what it would be like to go to UNSW where approximately 80% of my cohort is studying along with many of my family friends and out of school friends.

Alright enough rambles, I did have a point in all of that (seemingly) and that was about clubs and societies which I had yet to join because I had a driving lesson today so I was too lazy to go to city. Btw guys I'm on double digits!!! Anyway, I wanted to join the Tea Society with Bro aka Average but I'm not sure if we can tomorrow because of the lovely weather that has fallen upon Metro Sydney. Others include the Polo Appreciation Society- only if it centres around an appreciation of polo tops and not the sport which I have no association with what so ever, Chinese Law Society- I need friends and potentially help, Tennis Club but it'd better be on a social level because I know I suck at the sport and finally the Fashion and Beauty Appreciation Society which I doubt I'll end up joining partially because I have a narrow view when it comes to those topics.

So one of my favourite treats is green tea latte, it is divine. I personally get my from Pishon over Starbucks however there is this new cafe open in Burwood that sells it and I might just head over there to give it a go. Also if someone finds a cafe selling Taro latte in Sydney please tell me because I wasn't in the mood for it at Melbourne and I've been regretting it ever since.
 This one is taken from inside Cheeky Chocolate in North Strathfield, earlier that day Better and I went to Reebonz's sale at Sheraton on the Park and when I left the city it began to pour. First I sought refuge at Pishon before going to the Cheeky Chocolate for round 2 of hot drinks whilst waiting for my godparents to get home.
 Photo is so bad but they a really good hot chocolate
 Finally had Snag Stand on Tuesday and Batter you were right they're fries are so good, I shall ask for reduced salt next time. 
 Also so I ordered the German Bratswurst sausage ($8.90) with chips ($3.90) and truffle aioli dipping sauce for the chips ($1). Although the sausage was promoted as being gourmet I really don't see what's so good about it, I mean yes they give you more leaner meat and less fat and the crap that goes with it but it's a bloody sausage. It's like on MKR and how that QLD couple continue to rave about sausages, I seriously don't see why they're so popular. The chips on the other hand are so good and you can actually see the little specks of truffle in the aioli sauce which leads me wondering whether or not that's actually truffle because it is really expensive. So if you're in Westfield Sydney Food Court on Level 5 do go to Snag Stand for their fries and you can try their sausages at your own risk and don't go to Charlie and Co for their chips because they are below average. Better if you're reading this confirm for me if we ordered the parmesan and truffle fries or just the parmesan fries because they're two different things on the menu so that's why I was confused when I saw that.

 Shaved ICE- I am literally addicted to this stuff and unfortunately the only place where I can get my dose of shaved ice is at ZenQ which in my opinion offers a rather limited range of flavours. The lemon and green tea option would be my favourite so far and do try the fig jelly (it's interesting).
Watermelon flavour which was very subtle and bland


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