The Bavarian Bier Cafe + Movenpick Review

Not sure if I mentioned this on my other blog but 365 friend did, so basically the two of us have lots and lots of love for ice-cream (platonically). We both frequent browse for groupons and luckily she found a deal for Movenpick in Bondi and yes it was actually worth it unlike the overpriced ZenQ snow ice groupon.

Last week was mid-semester break i.e. the perfect time to go Bondi because day light savings was still on. Originally it was meant to be a group outing but they never turn out all that well so only my gay lover could attend.

 Took us a while but we settled on eating here, I guess what affirmed our decision is the Tuesday Challenge that was on.

 My Tuesday Challenge

 My 'Gay lover' who is very hands on when it comes to eating and see those fries on her plate, some of them were mine 
 My empty plate (: and truth be told, I did finish the schnitzel myself

 Deciding our schnapps, we're so glad that 365 friend is of age
 Unfortunately she had to suffer a rather embarrassing moment that came in the form of a cow bell and an attention-drawing wooden plank (which we assume to be 1m).
 Dessert time and I have to say that Movenpick tastes so much better than Ben and Jerry's, first they're cheap, two they have more exotic flavours and thirdly their ice-cream are so creamy and they taste amazing.
Groupon: 3 scoops of Movenpick ice-cream in a waffle cone with toppings and a milkshake (which wasn't photographed) all for $9, RRP $19.
We got creme brûlée, lemon and lime sorbet, panna cotta, raspberry sorbet, blackcurrant and cream and tiramisu. All in all a satisfying groupon experience, the next time this comes up again, I'm buying big.


Mövenpick Ice Cream - Bondi Beach on Urbanspoon

Bavarian Bier Cafe:

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