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Did you know? That if you want to get to Bondi via public transport you have to go through Bondi Junction and whilst we killed some there earlier we noticed this shop and obviously the $2 signs plastered everywhere.
 On our way back we decided to get try some because, let's face it, there is ALWAYS room for more ice-cream.
From the left, kiwi sorbet, cookies and cream ice-cream and green apple sorbet. Although 'icreamy' was cheap I ADVISE YOU ALL TO STAY CLEAR OF IT when you find yourself enticed by their promotion offer in Bondi Junction, what bothered me most was that we couldn't try it before you buy and I regret it. It pretty much tasted like rubbery, plastic sorbet and I am adamant about this. The cookies and cream so far removed from it's usual taste, 365 friend this for me when I said it was like pandan but not green and without the signature pandan taste. So please please please do not get tempted by the price, because I took like two spoons of mine before I had to throw it away. It's like what this MKR contestant said "it's a waste of my stomach space".


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