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hello, I wasn't sure I was going to be back so soon but here I am (starts breaking out into the Camp Rock song if you know what I mean). After uni today, I met up with a friend over coffee at Lindt Cafe and as soon as I walked in, I spotted the a 30% off sign for the pick and mix lindor balls. Now I love Lindt so when I saw that sign I couldn't help myself because when you buy the assorted gift boxes in say Coles and Woolworths we're basically limited to Milk chocolate, Dark chocolate, Hazelnut and White chocolate. In a Lindt cafe, you gasp and shudder when you see the $9.99 for 100g price tag but in return you can pick from mint, cookies and cream, coffee, extra dark chocolate the list goes on. So in total I bought $17 worth of Lindor, that's 14 balls, 7 flavours and below are my thoughts. I don't know why but some bloggers took a photo of each ball and of a half eaten ball and my question- why? I'm not particularly fond of seeing something half eaten being snapped, it's like offering your leftovers, anyways I'll stop here.

Raspberry- lovely dark chocolate with a very subtle raspberry taste
Peanut butter- exactly as you would expect, milk chocolate coating with peanut butter centre so if you're a fan of peanut butter let me tell you that chocolate and peanut butter are in matrimony if not I dare you to try my peanut butter choc-chip cookies
Coffee - was just like coffee, enough said and I urge all my coffee lover friends to head to Lindt because their coffee is great as well
Irish Cream- okay I'm loving this one, you could smell the cream before you even put that ball of goodness into your mouth. Well worth a try and perhaps seconds if they weren't $99.90 a kg
Cookies and Cream- I love this flavour in whatever form it takes especially if it involves ice-cream. It was lovely, perfect portions of the cream balanced off with cookie bits and it wasn't overly sweet. I'm kind of itching to go and get more except my next sweet treat will be macarons so I'd better control myself.
Noccionoir- a bit disappointing because it's milk chocolate coating, chocolate centre with a hazelnut didn't seem completely roasted, and if it was then you could taste the age in it
Gianduja- Hazelnut and cocoa centre with dark chocolate coating but I'm not sure why but when I ate it, it has this medical taste to it (strange)

Photo time:
well not the best photo in the world.... and I did not use a filter if anyone was curious, my phone just has a tendency to take photos in this way
 A photo of each flavour
Cookies and Cream!

On another note, I watched a bit of House Rules and I'm so pissed, they stole my/ our song (with V), gosh there's a reason why my blog is titled Life in COLOUR

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