Ladurée Macaron Review

Wow, it's been so long since I double posted but you as my loyal readers you should know that this can only mean one thing, you're in for another hiatus.

Fret not, I guarantee that this post shall be worthy of your time if not you can skim through all these words and just look at the photos. You know in uni this week, I learnt that Facebook and consequently Instagram own all the images that we upload, so they have the power to sell that information to third parties and advertisers, blogger don't follow suit if you if haven't already done so.

Alright so I was in the city today, partially because I had to hand in an assignment for uni but because my lunch at Intercontinental hotel was cancelled by both Mum and I, I decided that I had to treat the both of us to some sweet treats because devouring cakes are strongly reserved for parties (I will get to that). 
 I'm a sucker for decor and pretty bags, except I was mentally cringing inside when I paid for my macarons, 8 for $29 and in case you were wondering it is actually cheaper to buy like one or two because then you don't have to pay for the packaging. One thing that you have to keep in mind when considering Ladurée's price is that the macarons you buy are put simply, defrosted- they're actually made in Switzerland and then frozen and flown to the various countries that Ladurée operates in before being defrosted and sold in stores so the exorbitant price tag is the consequence of quality control by Ladurée.

 It's a pretty box but so expensive...
 It's amazing how they crammed so many in, oh the flavours are from the left: Strawberry Marshmallow, Raspberry, Vanilla, Pistachio, Lime Basil, Coffee, Salted Caramel, Coffee and Violet Marshmallow. You know when I got home, I almost had a heart attack because coffee and salted caramel look identical and I was going to have a little cry because I thought the sales assistant misheard me but it's all good, that did not happen. Also heads up if you want salted caramel frozen yoghurt go to YogurtWorld (in Westfield Sydney) only, Wowcow salted caramel is disgusting (try at your own risk).

 So sad, some of them died on the way home

Despite being frozen, they taste amazing just the way a macaron should be, gooey, soft centre with very delicate yet crunchy cookie base. Having said that, I myself struggle to compromise with the price, quite frankly, it is expensive. If you are going to try it though and you're unsure of what to get that I strongly recommend salted caramel because it was AMAZING and if you still have registered that then let me repeat,  it was AMAZING.

Also if you've made it this far, let me tell you about a trip that I'm planning. Basically I want to compare   Ladurée macarons with those made fresh in-store at Baroque Bistro patissiere ($2.70) and to give you guys some context, it was where Better got her birthday cake.

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